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Hey all! 😄 Are you, like many other tourists stuck in Sri Lanka, kicked out of your accommodation, have your flights cancelled, no taxi wants to take you?  We feel you! We started this as an initiative to help tourists who are stuck find somewhere to stay and lend a helping hand.

Hotels and taxi’s are refusing foreigners, restaurants are closing their doors to foreigners, locals are pointing at foreigners and saying “corona”. Is this the real Sri Lanka? We certainly don’t think so and we know there are a lot of genuine helpful and wonderful Sri Lankan people on the island. Let’s help each other! ✌🏾

For tourists and business owners on the island, we’re launching this initiative. To help tourists find safe havens during these troubling times and to help local businesses who are doing their best given the circumstances find some customers. This was built as a community for everyone to come together to share knowledge, share stories and share memories (from a safe distance/self-quarantine). Please do your best to maintain this spirit of compassion! 🎯

Let us work together, hand in hand with locals and foreigners to show the world what humanity is all about. Let us band together to overcome the negative effects of this virus and rebuild Sri Lankan tourism to support local businesses and local people. 🏝

To go to the map, please use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/wqz8pqn

If you have a (1) hostel / hostel / guest house, or, (2) taxi service, please use the <Submit Your Business> link to submit yourself to the site admins who will add you to the map.

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