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2. Taxis to the airport

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For taxi sharing, please go here:
Please go to the Sri Lanka Taxi share page to help find taxis: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1247206772039809/

Will Uber and Pickme work?

Yes they are working and so are normal taxi services. It’s much harder to get a taxi when you are outside Colombo / Galle.

In view of the curfew which has been imposed, the Acting Inspector General of Police has assured that the air ticket could be used in lieu of a curfew pass for the passengers as well as the vehicle and driver that would be transporting the passengers. Chairman SLTPB said reputed taxi networks and hoteliers have been requested to assist in these movements (1).

How can I get a taxi?

If you need a TAXI please contact +94777389903 Zulfer , who is the CEO of PickMe. He can help arrange you a taxi from any location on the island during the Corona Virus situation.

Are fuel stations open?

I asked the CEO of PickMe this question on Saturday (21st March) morning 10:30am and he replied “I’m not sure, but some should be open”.

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